A Succulent Thanksgiving

Enjoy a simple, yet stunning, Thanksgiving dinner with the Ohana

        These are the key elements to make this look come to life.


1. A succulent meal calls for Succulent Pumpkins.

2. Set your table with earthy elements such as Acacia serving platters.

3. Provide the perfect canvas for your colorful meal by using white or cream artisan dinner plates.

4. Accent your color palette with pastel organic cotton napkins.

5. A touch of copper flatware will elevate the tone.

6. Add decorative Turkey or Pheasant feathers for the finishing touch.

7. No matter the weather, you can still have soup served hot or cold. Use Hawaiian sweet potatoes to add a pop of color to your Thanksgiving dinner.

8. Hollow out pumpkins to use as salad bowls.

9. Create natural votive candles by cutting out candle size pukas into mixed gourds.

10. Display the main attraction to the Ohana as a whole Turkey before carving.

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