Revealing our Secret Garden of Delightful Food and Drink

Can we let you in on one of our darkest “Secrets”? How about “Hidden Treasures”? Both were recent events we produced for Clients with an emphasis on gastronomic food and drinks.

Secrets Event

Guests were beckoned to a hidden getaway, a private Kahala estate. There, we created a secret garden feel with an exquisite floral arrangement upon entry.

Crafted to perfection, our specialty welcome cocktails featured pomegranate gems sparkling at the bottom of Champagne flutes.

Throughout the estate, we incorporated the same flowers that were featured at the entrance to create a cohesive feel. Nestled among these were diamonds from our luxury Client’s new jewelry line.

Guests were brought canapés of potato, smoked salmon roe and yuzu kushi oysters elegantly placed on a bed of polished river stones.

The Guests continued their five-course meal with a hot smoked King Salmon featuring a Date Caper Emulsion, carrot and quinoa side.

As the night drew to a close, Guests were treated to a tropical dessert, the Mango “pop tart.”

Hidden Treasures

Our Hidden Treasures event took place in Kahala overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Tables were set. Menus placed and centerpieces perfectly adorned with hues of maroon, gold and caramel.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 10.00.37 AM2
Capturing the theme, passed pupu included Kumamoto oysters with cucumber yuzu on organic platters.

Guests also enjoyed an exotic tasting of seafood that included octopi, ahi, salmon and ika.

The evening ended with a “Hidden Treasures” takeaway. Petit fours in clear boxes were the perfect ending to an evening of decadence and diamonds.

It’s no secret that we love to produce amazing events. Let us help you create a culinary fete filled with unforgettable moments for your Guests, and contact us!