Flower Power

There is no denying it… when you enter a space filled with flowers, your mood changes.

Flowers grow, they are nourished by the rain and bloom with the sun. They are touched by many hands and many hearts before we get to enjoy them… and that’s what makes them so special.

Flowers are a natural element we design with that can either transfer a room to feel rich and elegant, soft and grounded or bright and whimsical. They have such a diverse power, and bring life to a space.

Every flower has a personality and by using the right combination you can create a masculine or feminine touch to a room. Depending on the theme or direction a Client wishes us to take, this determines the style and palette of florals we use.

No matter the size or simplicity of an arrangement, flowers always spark up the romance, brighten the mood and bring a smile to ones face. It’s important to remember that in many cases, SIMPLICITY IS KEY.

Another piece of advice – if in doubt… GO GREEN. Foliage, leaves and greenery will never be a bad idea. It helps create abundance and volume and is such a natural and neutral color.

A huge trend we are seeing is combining king proteas with delicate petal florals such as; garden roses, ranunculus and dahlias in blush and nude tones mixed with pampas grass or boho greenery. Some variations we are seeing include touches of burgundy and red flowers added into the mix.