Honolulu Garden Club’s Tri-annual Flower and Horticultural Show

Vivid sights and floral smells overwhelmed the Honolulu Museum of Art from May 8-10, 2015, as the Garden Club of Honolulu held its tri-annual flower and horticultural show. As one of only three Garden Club of America major flower shows held across the country this year, this competitive event was much anticipated and a must-see.


The architectural arrangements and diversity of flora were inspired by the Doris Duke’s Shangri La: Architecture, Landscape, and Islamic Art museum exhibition. We partnered with EventAccents to create our own stunning arrangement. Luscious phaleonopsis orchids, euphorbia, and green goddess calla lilies were complemented by earthy sandblasted grapevines atop a table dressed in Coppertone linens and mirrored brass globes.


We also had the great opportunity to meet and work with world-renown floral designer, Hitomi Gilliam, watching her do her magic as she transformed bunches of exotic flowers into a blossoming arrangement, aesthetically pleasing to all passersby.