Launching the Center for West Oahu

What’s in a name? For Ka Makana Ali’i, a lot. Hawaii’s newest shopping center was named after Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, who conceived of the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, leaving behind a perpetual gift and legacy to Native Hawaiians. Just look at the Ka Makana Ali’i logo and you will see evidence of a desire to tell a story that honors both the new, vibrant West Oahu community and Hawaii’s host culture in a deep and powerful way. Ti leaves, symbolizing luck and prosperity, are encircled to represent the “Center for West Oahu,” and a subtle use of hands reinforces the meaning of the Center’s name, “The Royal Gift.

VIP Charity Event

When we were approached to produce the Center’s VIP charity event, we embraced the concept of ahupua’a, an ancient Hawaiian land division that created districts encompassing mountain, farmland and sea and promoted the sharing of natural resources. The Event was designed to convey this in a refreshing, contemporary way.

Guests arrived to a red carpet experience, where they were greeted by menehune type characters as they entered the welcome cocktail reception area. Conch shell blowers and torchbearers then led Guests to another area of the Center where they enjoyed hula performances, welcome remarks and a check presentation to the night’s beneficiary, the Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii.

Next, a flash mob of sorts comprised of quasi-tribal dancers in contemporary costumes beckoned Guests to a third area in the Center. Here, cameos of entertainment featured some of Hawaii’s top performers, including Ben & Maila, Taimane Gardner, Quadraphonix, Makana and Amy Hanaiali’i.

Live Music & More

All eyes were then directed to a logo burn and amazing fireworks display before a different type of fireworks captured their attention – that of the amazing vocal talents of Mick Fleetwood & Willie K with the Island Rumours Band!

Throughout the night, Guests enjoyed an array of freshly sourced food and beverage items from two of the on-site restaurants as well as from Chef Chai.

Of course, an Event of this magnitude came with its own set of unique challenges that our team overcame brilliantly. For example, working with the FAA to allow for fireworks in the flight path, coordinating the valet to drop off at one end of the Center and pick up at the other end, and moving the stage to a new location to allow for a roof, despite recently installed lampposts and planters!

Perhaps our Client’s words say it best:

“Thank you so much for all your hard work in delivering an amazing event. I have received so much positive feedback and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. I’m sure we will have opportunities to work together again in the future!!! I look forward to it!”