An evening under the rainbow

June 2019 –When a global nutrition leader gathered its community at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, the company sought out the producers at Current Affairs. The desire was to create a high energy Hawaii experience. With thousands coming from North America and Latin America, Current Affairs embraced the challenge and created an island paradise beneath the rainbow.

Producing a party for 5,000 Guests required nearly 10 meeting spaces. Each was cultivated with a distinctive ambiance.

On arrival, Guests entered beneath a rainbow to a colorful sea of surfboards in a beach-inspired welcome complete with a floating deejay booth. Behind every door, a taste of Hawaii awaited. A ballroom became a tropical oasis with grass hut pupu stations and a 9-piece band. A tiki-inspired retro lounge was elusively tucked behind beaded curtains.

In one wing, Guests were greeted by a fire-breathing 10-foot dragon. Eight lion dance performers weaved through the crowds and paraded to the festive beat of drums. As Guests moved through a dimly light corridor transformed into a Chinatown alley, they emerged to a rooftop space with live performances by a jazz trio beneath dancing red lanterns and a fiery Hawaiian sunset. More spaces included a keiki playroom and a private lounge with spinning disco lights and giant plush bean bags.

This marks our first summer production. What a way to celebrate summer 2019!




P.S. – You can read more in our June 2019 newsletter here