A night in the garden

March 2020 – For many, it’s hard to keep up with all of the luxury towers rising in Honolulu. Yet Victoria Place will stand tall at 400 feet and take her rightful place as the belle of the ball.

It was time to introduce plans for this development in a way that would spur 500 real estate brokers to evangelism.

Our Team took a deep dive into the identity of Victoria Place so that we could translate the condominium’s concept into a broker’s event of unimaginable scale. We studied building renderings, condo interiors, wood grains, fabric choices and color palettes. We stepped back in time so our imagination could conjure an experience that would capture the essence of the soon-to-rise development. Every exquisite detail was inspired by the life and loves of Victoria Ward.

Victoria Ward loved the land that she and her husband acquired which spans 100 acres. It was this swath of once rural landscape where they nurtured their ever-expanding family that included 7 children. Victoria oversaw restoration of fish ponds and planted more than 6,000 coconut trees. At her home, which is where Blaisdell Center now stands, she was well-known as a generous and gracious host of galas, soirees and more.

Calling forth her legacy of hospitality and love of nature were essential to the event identity. A garden party concept was conceived. Finding precisely the right trees, ferns and vines was no easy feat. More than 400 lush, botanical greens were hand-picked to create “A Night in the Garden.”

Guests entered the event through a meandering tree-lined pathway to a custom projected waterfall. The development’s logo glinted across the waterfall which required a precise play of water, lighting and projection that danced together. A wall of 100 glasses of champagne were nested in to a boxwood hedge.  A family of dangling rattan lanterns glowed warmly over stations of Chef Chris Kajioka’s culinary creations. Delectable bites were savored to the sounds of Amy Hanaialiʻi and Jeff Peterson who performed on an intimate circular stage.

We are constantly in awe of this community’s re-imagining of urban living with distinctive residential towers woven together as an intimate neighborhood.

So many Partners came together for this Production – all inspired by the life and legacy of Victoria Ward and the vision of Howard Hughes Corporation. We  were honored to be a part of this special moment in history and look forward to the opening of this place that will become home to hundreds of families.


Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner