Now boarding! A winged welcome for Wing Spirit

July 2019 – Aviation has always held a special place in our imaginations and Wing Spirit’s arrival had us soaring. As the company prepares for its service in Hawaii that includes air ambulance and private charter services, our goal was to create an exuberant brand experience – a cocktail reception that expressed the airline’s enthusiasm as part of our island community.

It was a sweltering day in June on Lagoon Drive as nearly 200 Guests entered through a black curtain entrance. One of our greatest challenges for this event was to beat the heat so we kept the expansive hangar cool with a massive, mobile air conditioning system.

In the tradition of inflight service, Guests thirst was quenched with icy cold signature cocktails by waiters dressed in the airlines’ brand colors. “Flight attendants,” adorned in haku of orange flowers and dressed in crisp, midnight blue uniforms, presented Guests with lei. Ten local Chefs prepared delectable bites that included mouth-watering specialties from Azure, Pig & the Lady and many more of Hawaii’s culinary favorites.

The hangar’s walls and floors were brought to life with orange and blue spotlights that danced and bobbed to the music of a live deejay. LED furniture glowed in the company’s corporate colors and served as décor accents and tables.

The crowd was eager to peek behind a set of curtains that veiled half of the hangar. After speeches from dignitaries and the evening’s hosts, the excitement was palpable as the 20-foot curtains dropped to the ground and were whisked away to reveal a pair of glistening, winged twins. Hawaii’s first HondaJet Elites had landed. While large screens replayed the unveiling, Guests were welcomed aboard the six-seater planes where they enjoyed the first-class lounge experience and entertainment throughout the evening.

It was another wonderful flight for us in aviation as we have executed countless celebrations for companies including Hawaiian Airlines and Virgin America. Along with many Partners, we were proud to produce a happy take off for Wing Spirit. We wish Wing Spirit the very best as it soars the sky of success in Hawaii.

Photo Credit: Reid Shimabukuro & “DP ” Andrew Agacoli

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