A Time for Appreciation

Held at the beautiful Hale Kai Kohola estate, this event hosted 50 of Ben Bridge Jeweler’s most appreciated friends, and even some members of the Ben Bridge family. Uniqueness, style & craftsmanship were the branding focus points of this event.

Dutiful consideration was put into all details, especially the venue and the selection of a chef. In order to achieve the desired culinary excellence, we featured the talented Chef Chris Kajioka of Vintage Cave, a membership-only restaurant in Honolulu. This decision provided a uniqueness to the event because the restaurant, not open to the public, closed for this night so that Chef Chris could focus on this first major, off-premise dinner since the restaurant opened just over a year earlier.

Guests enjoyed Chef Chris’ handcrafted hors d’oeuvres, such as black truffle potato croquettes, as they sipped on complementing cocktails. After the sunset, they dined on a superb five-course meal and decadent desserts under a clear marquee, arranged so that the Guests would be able to enjoy the stunning scenery of the location while they ate.

In addition to the delicious cuisine and cocktails, Guests were able to view extraordinary timepieces from the Patek Philippe watch collection featured by Ben Bridge Jewelers. Originally, exclusive and newly designed Patek Philippe watches were to be displayed during the event, but due to a contraband seizure during flight transport, these featured “Guests” were unable to attend. Even though their attendance was missed, the event was such an enormous success that even the owner of the location commented on its superb quality.

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