Budding romance

February 2020 – Waikiki is a busy groundswell of pedestrians and traffic as vacationers and locals eat, shop and play. At the gateway to Waikiki rises The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Waikiki Beach, a glimmering jewel that beckons escape for couples who love to linger, hold hands and steal moments alone.

Indeed, this is the place for lovers. It is an exclusive oasis of tranquility.

This is why we were so delighted when we received a love letter from the hotel.  Just a few kisses before Valentine’s Day, one of Waikiki’s most exclusive addresses invited us to produce an event that would fire up the hearts of social media influencers. These special friends experienced a romantic prelude that showcased the hotel’s best place to kiss. This table for lovers was perched on a poolside bridge ensconced in flowers and candelight. To showcase their ultimate private dining experience, a tantalizing, sneak peak preview was offered.

Guests were then escorted to a sumptuous multi-course sunset dinner.  The theme was Dinner at The Conservatory and featured a tablescape of buds and blossoms, unfolding in candlelight. Over 100 plants and ferns created a garden house setting in which we could share secrets with old and new friends amidst butterflies and hanging vines.

We love when our Clients allow us to help them shine and accentuate their best attributes for all to enjoy. On your next visit to Waikiki, swing in to this resort and see why we think this is one of Honolulu’s sexiest hotels.

Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner