Magic of time

March 2020 – It is only March but 2020 feels like it’s speeding by. I look at the clock and am always surprised as to how time flies. Watching my sons get excited about spring break in a few weeks reminds me that time is not only fleeting, it is precious.  

Almost like clockwork every three years, our Client Ben Bridge TimeWorks calls. It’s always a joy of reconnection as we hold great affection for the Ben Bridge Team and their brand. Their events also provide us a creative canvas that elicits some of our best work.   

This year we were invited to produce a magical moment in which time stands still. The event?  An intimate gathering for its most treasured friends and customers that celebrated the arrival of something extraordinary. 

This year it was the arrival of Patek Philippe’s collection debut with Halekulani as the venue. While this 5-star hotel is a timeless classic, our challenge was to transform its 4,300-square foot ballroom into intimate spaces that would become cozy quarters for about 50 Guests.   

The vision was to create a tropical oasis that would bring the outside indoors using an emerald, purple and gold palate. More than 150 plants that range from 12-foot tall trees to miniature ferns became a luxurious oasis. A wall of boxwoods, hovering orchids and an arch of tropical leaves and flowers marked the entrance.  We created a cocktail room in which all curious eyes turned to these tiny treasures with delicate, sweeping hands. To create this moment of magic,” we artfully placed more than 200 candles of varied sizes and in a variety of vessels that featured a European flair of flowers. 

As always, we are so honored to work with such wonderful Clients that inspire our work. No matter what your next event is, may it be filled with magic. 

Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner