All that glitters

January 2020 – It only happens once a year. It’s one of the most highly anticipated nights for charity in Hawaii. Honolulu Museum of Art’s Kama‘aina Christmas draws socialites and luminaries to support the future of art.

For the December 2019 event titled “All that Glitters,” expectations ran high as it does every year on the eve of the gala. Our culinary Team was excited about the complexity of challenges. There were 550 Guests who must be served three mouth-watering, sumptuous courses. Tucked within a maze of 15 to 20 galleries, tables are spread across the museum’s campus. With often no clear lines of sight and art to protect, the service had to be precise and careful. Courses were presented and paced with an entrée to be delivered piping hot. Nearly 90 captains, expeditors, bartenders and servers were organized and orchestrated. With acclaimed Chef Roy Yamaguchi in the kitchen, our soldiers needed to work like bees in a hive–integrating seamlessly with the culinary Team and meeting the needs of the kitchens, Clients and Guests.

Reaching for a higher echelon of excellence is always so exciting for us. For nearly 15 years, Honolulu Museum of Art has Partnered with Current Affairs to create an unparalleled event dining experience while simultaneously protecting these one-of-a-kind artwork creations. Each year, we avert disasters and embrace this once-a-year experience in which dinner is served amongst incredible works of art.

The evening was a glittering and resounding success for the museum. While all that glitters can’t be eaten, what’s eaten and enjoyed with impeccable service will always be long remembered in Hawaii. We are honored and privileged to be a part of this event that benefits the largest art museum in the state and is a champion in the preservation, protection and perpetuation of art in Honolulu.

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Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner