Power of ukulele

February 2020 – Fingers were strumming and attendees were humming as the park broke out in song. The sound of music from one of Hawaii’s most beloved instruments was a great way to kick off a new year and a new decade.

As an event producer, we love sinking our fingers into festivals that welcome all of Oahu to come together in friendship for the love of music. Presented by the nonprofit Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii, the event’s purpose was to bring an international community together to celebrate peace, friendship and family. It is one of the largest annual ukulele and Hawaiian music festivals in the U.S.

Our role for this event included pre-event organization for the multitude of entertainers, running a full-day of performances and coordination of festival vendors. Our production leadership frees up our Clients’ hands to enjoy and experience the event with all the laughter and fun that their Guests do.

I managed one of the stages that day and the lineup of world renown ukulele entertainment was awe inspiring. However, the showstopper was the introduction of a novice. He was inspired to take up ukulele lessons in his sunset years at the golden age of 89. Now, at 94 years young, he performed on stage with all the fervor of a young man in the cool, breezy morning at Victoria Ward Park. What a wonderful testament to the power of ukulele – a tiny instrument with a huge following.  It’s so true that this instrument’s dainty and nimble voice beckons all generations.

Congratulations to the Ukulele Foundation of Hawaii on its 12th annual cross-cultural festival that brings Japan and Hawaii together in music and friendship.

Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner