At the table with CIT magazine

January 2020 –  Recently we were interviewed by Corporate & Incentive Travel magazine to share our views on dining trends for the meetings market.  Click here to read the full story by Sophia Bennett in the January 2020 issue.

So what’s trending this 2020 in Hawaii events? In this article, I share that there is a growing desire and curiosity amongst Clients to craft more authentic events. By authentic, I mean events that facilitate deeper and richer connections that bring Guests closer to the producers of that experience. Hawaii’s culinary scene is truly one of the most sought-after in the world.

Here’s an example. You may recall when the closest you’d get to a Chef was a chafing dish and a hot lamp.  Today, you’ll find Chefs engaging with Guests — bringing their cuisine and stories direct to an audience.  These might include multi-course dinners in which the Chef cooks and presents a culinary masterpiece. Or it might be a more informal but locally loved food truck experience. Guests are eager to learn from the food artisans and craftsmen who freshly prepare their dishes in front of their eyes.

In addition to food, wine just tastes better once you’ve met the Winemaker. Learning about the process, micro-climates and conditions that create a wine’s notes is fascinating for many. Winemakers lead tastings and will continue to be centerpiece storytellers at events.  As for other beverages, Hawaii produces some of the most coveted coffee in the world. Just like wine, each of Hawaii’s growing regions produces their own distinct flavors and aromas. Guests love to interact and learn where their coffee comes from. A huge hit was when we staged a mobile coffee caravan within the event space which helped to bring these moments to life.

These are the kinds of experiences Clients and their Guests will cherish and continue to grow in popularity. We hope you enjoy the article that reveals more of our insights about food service for large groups, dessert reveals and more exciting ways that food will be enjoyed in 2020 and beyond.

Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner