Giving thanks is the cornerstone of events

November 2019 – This week we welcome to the Thanksgiving table those who are near and dear to our heart. I am reminded of one simple truth — to give thanks. At Current Affairs, all of the events that we produce are born from the spirit of true gratitude.

Whether it’s a company that wants to thank its employees or a bride and groom who wish to honor their relatives and friends, Clients come to us to create their most extraordinary expression of thankfulness. To be a part of a family or a company’s life in this manner is both a privilege and an honor.

We are so blessed to be a part of these moments of gathering and gratefulness. At a wedding reception while the newlyweds gave their heartfelt speeches about their gratitude for one another  – a cake ensconced in flowers descended from a hanging platform. A backyard birthday bash welcomed a Diamond Head resident’s most cherished friends to celebrate his 50th. A Broadway star’s explosive song was so contagious that it inspired the company’s shyest employees to get on their feet and dance. The gift of gratitude is rivaled by the joy that we get to see when people accept thanks.

Each day as I head towards my office, there’s a wall that all of our Associates walk by. It is covered with notes of thanks from Clients. We keep each note to remember, reflect and rejoice in the appreciation that our Clients and Partners have for our contributions to their organizations.

This Thanksgiving we want you to know that we are deeply grateful for your friendship, Partnership and confidence. Most of all, we appreciate the memories that we have shared in 2019.



Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner

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