We know joy

December 2019 – Clients and friends often ask: ‘What’s the secret to 35 years of success in Hawaii’s event industry?’ They’ll assume that I’ll list a cocktail of ingredients that include décor, staging + lighting, entertainment, food + beverage and impeccable Client service. They are often surprised when I tell them that we understand joy.

When my sons were little boys and were taken to a place that they loved, they would literally jump up and down with delight. At Current Affairs, we understand how the power of places and curated spaces can create joy – that effervescent lightness of being in which the human spirit soars. For 35 years, our year-round workshop is full of elves who have masterfully crafted those intense and undeniable moments of excitement.

As humans, we are hard wired to crave joy and to seek it out in our surroundings. A growing body of evidence validates this pursuit through aesthetics with color playing a powerful role. People who work in colorful offices are more productive and friendlier. Schools that have incorporated color cite higher attendance, less graffiti and a safer feeling amongst students. More and more architects are designing spaces for the aesthetics of joy. We do the same at our event productions. We create experiences that are vibrant and a portal for Guests to access joy by stimulating all the senses.

One of the things that I love most about the holiday season is that we give ourselves permission to be downright exuberant, colorful and experience joy as children do. When strung together, joyful moments become the beautiful blossoms of the lei of life.  

This holiday season, our wish for you is that you embrace joy and find ways to put yourself in its path.


Tiffany Richardson | President & Partner