Tory Sport Grand Opening Pop-Up

Our Visual Designer created a pop-up to generate awareness of the new Tory Sport clothing line and its grand opening at Ala Moana Center.

A Surf Shack theme with shave ice service was the direction given by the Tory Sport corporate visual Team. To ensure consistency with the Tory Sport brand, our Visual Designer put together renderings, elevations and floor plans to communicate her vision, and incorporated materials in line with the existing store’s interior design. A corrugated roof painted “Tory blue,” custom surfboard shelves, and risers were all designed to match the signature Tory Sport colors. The brand’s aesthetics were carefully considered, from the build-out and prop selection to logo placement to the shave ice presentation of green and blue syrups.

The custom-built pop-up was made in-house and then transported to the Center, and reconstructed the night before the big reveal. If you missed the pop-up, check out our recap video below!