Traditions in Events

Traditions are passed down from generation to generation – symbolic of history, culture and family ritual. They are shared between communities and teach us stories that still hold meaning today.

In our line of work, we have the unique opportunity to share our local culture and traditions  with Guests and Clients from around the world by incorporating them into an event. Our passion is being able to honor these traditions in impactful ways that become unforgettable.

A Hawaiian Chant for example is something very common at events in Hawaii. When we produced the grand opening of Ka Makana Ali’I all the Guests were led by more than a dozen torchbearers to a stage where a kumu was chanting a welcome oli to Guests. This infused the tradition with so much drama it captivated hundreds.

Another way we include tradition at events is by welcoming Guests with lei. This is a gift of Aloha, an expression used to welcome a Guest stepping from a plane, arriving at a Party, or in recognition of a special occasion.

To evolve this as an element of entertainment at an event, we like to have keiki dressed in their hula hālau uniform, greeting Guests as they arrive.

The keiki hand a wristlet lei to each of the arriving ladies and regular sized lei to each of the gentlemen. Once the Guests are seated to dinner, the keiki reappear from all corners of the room and perform a hula – again adding an element of entertainment and tradition to the event.

For us at Current Affairs, we feel honored to work with the most incredibly talented performers here in Hawai’i to help perpetuate and keep local tradition and storytelling alive.

If you would like to hear more about how we incorporate tradition at the events we produce, or if you need support with your upcoming celebration. you can contact our Team at